fan s36

Industry: Automotive
Product Type: HVAC Fan
Capabilities: Injection Molding



HVAC fan


We dramatically reduced production steps and assembly costs for a construction and mining vehicle manufacturer by using thermoplastic riveting, not fasteners, to lock components together.


Our client came to us seeking our proven, low-cost thermoplastic riveting process to simplify the design of an HVAC fan. Our design review showed the fan was an ideal candidate for the process.

The thermoplastic riveting process was performed in two stages. First, we molded plastic pins as features of the part. Then, after assembly, we used heat staking to form the pins into a rivet-shaped head that mechanically locked the two components together. Unlike manual assembly with fasteners, this process allowed us to join two plastic components—which reduced production steps and associated assembly costs.


  • Fewer required components. By using thermal riveting, we were able to produce the HVAC fan without the need for fasteners and additional assembly processes.
  • Reduced assembly investment. By reducing the number of assembly steps from seven to one, the client realized substantial savings in capital costs.
  • Faster production time. Our solution cut the fan’s production time to approximately 30 seconds.


Clients across industries are discovering how thermoplastic riveting can eliminate production steps, resulting in lower assembly costs in a variety of applications. Talk to IVP Plastics if you’re looking to:

  • Join plastic-to-plastic or other materials, such as metal
  • Reduce assembly time and costs
  • Eliminate the need for welding or fasteners
  • Shorten time to market