Industry: Automotive
Product Type: Shrouded Impeller
Capabilities: Multiple





Our consulting expertise helped an automotive engine component supplier avoid costly design errors, while our prototyping process met their tight schedule.


Facing a fast-impending deadline, a first-time client came to us to produce a thermoplastic impeller prototype for testing. When our design team—with over a decade of water pump impeller experience and a deep background in chemical engineering—reviewed the material specs, they realized both the polymer and bushing design indicated the part would fail in the intended high-temperature fluid environment.

Our team shipped an alternate polymer and bushing to the client overnight and received approval on the new specifications. The prototype, created in time to begin testing on schedule, was validated and subsequently mass-produced.


  • Time savings: The client was able to meet its deadline for prototyping and avoid delays in testing.
  • Cost savings: Using the IVP Plastics team’s recommended polymer and bushing resulted in a successful impeller, preventing a high-cost testing failure and helping to ensure the supplier’s ongoing business with their client.
  • Ease of doing business: Our consultation resulted in identifying and resolving two design issues quickly and successfully. 


Clients across industries are discovering the benefits of converting from metal-to-plastic. At IVP Plastics, we’ve helped automotive, heavy equipment and industrial manufacturers realize cost savings from 30% to 60%—without sacrificing performance. Talk to us if you’re looking to:

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