cube s36

Industry: Heavy Industry
Product Type: Pump Bracket
Capabilities: Metal-to-Plastic Conversion



Mounting bracket for a diesel exhaust fluid treatment pump


Our metal-to-plastic conversion process helped a transport vehicle manufacturer reduce the number of required components, overall weight, and production and shipping costs for a diesel exhaust fluid treatment pump.


Our client approached us with two questions: Would it be possible to produce a mounting bracket for a diesel exhaust fluid treatment pump out of thermoplastic material instead of metal—and would doing so reduce weight, cost and the total number of components required? After walking through our proven metal-to-plastic conversion process, our design team determined the answer to both questions was “yes.”

For this mounting bracket, our injection molding process allowed us to integrate 20 previously separate metal features into the molded design, resulting in less weight, greater structural integrity and dramatically streamlined assembly.


  • Cost savings. The simplified design eliminated all metal components—including previously welded-on attachment points—dramatically cutting assembly time.
  • Weight reduction. Converting the pump from fabricated steel to thermoplastic construction reduced the pump support structure from 15 pounds to 3 pounds, lowering shipping costs.
  • Speed to market. Converting from metal-to-plastic enabled us to produce one mounting bracket approximately every five minutes, resulting in a significant increase in productivity.


Clients across industries are discovering the benefits of converting from metal to plastics. At IVP Plastics, we’ve helped automotive, heavy equipment and industrial manufacturers realize cost savings from 30% to 60%—without sacrificing performance. Talk to us if you’re looking to:

  • Reduce product weight, cost and total number of components
  • Streamline production processes and speed time to market
  • Take advantage of materials more resistant to high temperatures, chemicals or chemical reactions and electrical conductivity
  • Eliminate contact with heavy or potentially corrosive metals