Converting from Metal-to-Plastic

Our proven metal-to-plastic conversion methodology results in functional, innovative products that deliver real value and give you a performance edge in the marketplace. Customers including Caterpillar, Crane Pump, Sensata Technologies, Deere & Co., Leoni Wiring, Navistar and Parker Hannifin have seen savings of 30 – 60% switching from metal to plastic—without sacrificing performance.

Our Proven Conversion Methodology

  • Gather a full understanding of your parts environment, requirements and goals
  • Develop concepts using 3D modeling to translate your ideas into reality
  • Conduct finite element analysis in both linear and non-linear forms to predict how the new material will perform in your application
  • Design for manufacturability, incorporating the necessary metal content to ensure performance
  • Provide rapid prototyping services (with no additional tooling expense) for in-application testing
  • Develop economical prototype tooling for prove design
  • Follow a rigid testing protocol to confirm the new part meets all of your requirements
  • Identify cost-effective material sourcing options domestically and abroad

View Metal-to-Plastic Comparison Table.

Metal to plastic comparison table

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