Design for Manufacturability

Once we’ve identified the right solution for your product or process challenge, our in-house design team goes to work to ensure the end result can be manufactured as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. By applying “design for manufacturability” principles, the end result is a custom solution that’s functional, innovative and aligned with your manufacturing processes.

Holistic Design Process

Our streamlined process begins with information gathering and extends through concept development, material choice, mold design, process control, product qualification and production—even in-mold decorating. Our designers and engineers are involved at every step of plastic part manufacturing. That helps us avoid costly changes to product design and injection mold tooling, as well as identify potential problems before they affect costs or quality.

Latest Tools & Techniques

We transform your ideas into practical, manufacturing-ready solutions, using the latest plastic design tools, technologies and techniques:

  • Creo & SolidWorks® CAD systems
  • Creo Mechanica®
  • Mold fill, cool and warp, simulation and analysis
  • Mold, fixture and gage design
  • Draft and shutoff checks
  • Product cost and feasibility studies
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