Why Plastics?

Companies across a variety of industries are turning to plastic to replace metal and other traditional materials. In fact, plastic design is now a key strategy for keeping costs low while maintaining—and often improving—product differentiation and performance. Here are just a few of the benefits of plastic manufacturing:

Enhance Design & Appearance

  • Add more flexibility to the design process
  • Simplify coloring and decorating finished parts
  • Decorate “in-mold”

Simplify Manufacturing

  • Eliminate assembly processes, painting and secondary operations
  • Improve quality
  • Create more highly complex parts
  • Consolidate parts
  • Save time and money

Improve Performance

  • Decrease weight
  • Maintain or improve longevity and wear
  • Resist high temperatures, chemicals, chemical reactions, denting and scratching
  • Reduce thermal and electrical conductivity

Reduce Environmental Impact

  • Eliminate human contact with harmful metals
  • Use less energy and generate less waste
  • Increase opportunities for recycling
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