Heavy Industry

Our company got its start serving the industrial sector—specializing in designing and manufacturing components for original equipment manufacturers with highly engineered processes. Although we’ve broadened our expertise significantly over the years, supporting heavy industry customers remains our core strength.

Metal-to-Plastic Conversion

We’ve helped customers like Caterpillar, John Deere and Navistar significantly reduce material, production and shipping costs by converting key components from metal to plastic. Our expertise in plastics engineering, material selection and molding processes keeps quality and performance levels high.

Design for Manufacturability

We constantly are evaluating our manufacturing processes—and our heavy industry customers say that’s what sets IVP Plastics apart from others. We add value by designing components and selecting materials that offer you the most reliability, functionality and align with your existing manufacturing processes.

Industry-Leading Quality & Delivery

You want the highest quality components, shipped on time and on budget. IVP Plastics delivers. We strive for zero defects and maintain on-time delivery levels of more than 99%. And we’ve deployed lean manufacturing and Six Sigma methodologies to keep getting better. We’re ISO/TS16949 registered—and the first plastics supplier to achieve silver certification via Caterpillar’s Supplier Quality Excellence Process.

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