The know-how you need

When we say we’re experts in thermoplastics, we mean it. Our team of 80+ employees includes chemical, mechanical and industrial engineers, process engineering experts, material specialists, industrial technologists, toolmakers and some of the most skilled craftspeople in our industry. We put hundreds of years of plastics design, engineering and manufacturing experience to work for you.

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Dirk Arends, Sales and Business Development Manager

Sabrina Arrick, Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager 

John Bernius, Controller

Rebecca Berry, Customer Service

Connie Camp, Customer Service

Joe Camp, Engineering Manager

Kim Diaz, Customer Service

Randy Gelsthorpe, Tooling Manager

Matt Lang, Sales Manager

Daryl Lindemann, President & CEO

Troy Olsen, Product Engineer

Bob Seals, General Manager

Tom Williams, Operations Manager

Norah Julmis, Communications & Brand Manager